An interview with Afi Antonio

In conversation with Ginikachi Kate Okorie
August 17, 2020
Strength to YOU
September 2, 2020

Afi Antonio is woman who loves to help people. Knowing that she has been able to solve someone’s problem and seeing the person happy and relieved gives her fulfilment.

A petite editorial /commercial model who promotes Products and Brands. She runs a Foundation which supports the education and health of the less privileged in her country, Ghana.

The name of her foundation is Afi AntonioFoundation (

She is a content producer for TV and a TV presenter, an Entrepreneur who produces Sheabutter body cream and black soap. She also trains children living with autism to become photo models.

A Global Goodwill Ambassador for Ghana, Model,Actress and Media Personality.

Afi was born in Accra, Ghana at the 37 Military Hospital.

We asked Afi her inspiration behind starting Afi Antonio Foundation and she shared with us.

Afi did not on plan having a foundation. She was using her social media as a channel to help people that is how she started. That is when she dedicated her time to register a foundation, aimed at assisting people. The Foundation’s main aim is to help people in the areas of Health, Education and Women empowerment.

Afi shared with us how her foundation links with assisting children living with Autism.

A mother posted a photo of her daughter living with autism and needed someone to help turn her into a model. In addition, she is a photo model as well as someone commented with her name under the post so that how it all began. She loved it and had other girls join in. Again, recently an auntie in the UK reached out to her informing her that she has a niece living with autism

This happened to be her auntie’s 16yrs old daughter.

Words of encouragement to African children

My advice to the young’s once will be that stay humble, consistent and keep moving no matter how slow, things will one day fall into place. Without passion you will not go far and it’s important not to even dream of giving up. No one made it by giving up”.

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