Botlhale Hub Afrika is a women-led online and offline platform, African Feminist organisation that seeks to address inequalities faced by women and children in Afrika. Botlhale is of the SePedi origin and be found in other Sotho languages like in SeSotho and SePedi as Bohlale. Botlhale means wisdom. The realization that women in Afrika need to be heard. Botlhale Hub Afrika is founded on the basis to address social issues faced by women and children: 1.Build a culturally uplifting digital platform 2.Create a structure that attracts knowledge through storytelling and strengthen filmmaking.

Botlhale Hub Afrika seeks to live in a world where women and children live in peace, dignity, justice and equality. Our mission is to mobilise stories told by African women and children, write them, share across Africa and the world. We also advocate reading of African stories written by Africans to transform the minds across Africa. Values Diversity- We believe in a non-discrimination and inclusive platform. Where Women and children from all range are given the platform to share their stories. Respect -We recognise every individual from every part of the world. By listening and acknowledging their perspectives. Accountability, Integrity and Professionalism-We believe in transparency and a moral encompass. We support growth and sustainability long-term. Solidarity and Collaboration- We are of the view that transformation takes place in numbers. Therefore, we are committed to build relationships with organisations that are women led to make our voice heard across the continent. African Feminism-We recognise justice and equality across the African continent. Therefore, we work through dismantling the system of patriarchy.

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Women and children have become the most vulnerable in society. Their safety is compromised. The "men" who are designed to be "protectors" harm them. They live in fear. This is because "our brothers" men we call them, pride themselves in the entitlement of women. Their entitlement is experienced by women and children through rape culture. A culture that not only humiliates women however discredits and dehumanizes them. Being treated like a walking piece of "meat" ready to be devoured by a hungry predator. A devastating and true reality faced by most women in South Africa. We have normalized the notion of carrying 'pepper spray" as a "protector",. We walk around hoping we are not "next". We want to tell a different story,a liberating story of Afrika.
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