In conversation with Ginikachi Kate Okorie

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August 14, 2020
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August 24, 2020

Okorie Ginikachi Kate is a Pharmacist, Medical Journalist, Storyteller and Social activist. She loves to write stories about her experience and informative pharmaceutical articles. She looks forward to work more with individuals and organisations that promote equal access to health as well as promote social inclusion.

She was born and raised in Nigeria.

We asked Ginikachi what she is most passionate about and she highlighted that it would depend on the time of her life you ask her this, therefore her answer would vary. However, it always revolves around the same theme: “fairness, equality and expression”. They revolve around her experiences, her personality and the environment she finds herself in.

Please connect with Ginikachi on the following link:

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She is most active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ginikachi shared insight on Strabismus/ exotropia. Strabismus is an eye condition where the two eyes do not look in the same direction at the same time. There are 4 forms of strabismus and exotropia is just one of them. She has prepared a document on this with more than 15 questions answered by the one of the best Strabismologists in Nigeria.

Ginikachi shared why it is important to share her story to Africa and beyond.

This is better said in words. There are so many reasons, first I want people like me to see that they can be whatever they want to be regardless of what society tells them. This is more implied but if you are different in any way (especially in an unagreeable way), there’s an expectation that you should drown in self pity. It’s not in an empathic way either, the truth is that everyone expects you to stay small. Lastly, I believe my story is valid and deserves to be heard too”.

Words of encouragement to African children with #exotropia #Strabismus

Be you, the world will adjust”.

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