Strength to YOU

An interview with Afi Antonio
August 24, 2020
Dear Young Me #beautiful girl
September 6, 2020

Dear reader

Botlhale Hub Afrika would like to thank you so much for your continuous support. We thank you for reading, writing and engaging with us. We would like to wish you a beautiful September and remind you to press on. May you finish the year of 2020 strong.

The month of September is going to be very different. This month we have touching, breakthrough and unfiltered tales. We will be sharing tales of brave women across the continent writing letters to their younger selves about painful encounters ,breakthroughs and wins. Their identities will be censored for ethical reasons.

As Botlhale Hub Afrika we would like you to engage with these women by sending them messages of hope. Send them strength words and command healing into their lives. The purpose for this edition is to end silent suffering. There are many women and men globally who have been violated. These men and women have been silenced and robbed of their voices.

As we celebrate Africa month, we want to end the silence and claim their voices. We want to give them a platform to speak life and speak up. As we celebrate the beauty of the African continent may we not forget the silent victories that many had to conquer. May we remain sensitive to those around us because everyone is dealing with a challenge privately, that they are not ready to share with publicly.

May we gather strength, give strength and unite.

 Light, love, hope and restoration to you all!

The month of rebirth activated.

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