Campaign Update 2021

29 Untold stories in 29 Days
February 15, 2021
A call to the Daughters and Sons of the soil
February 25, 2021

Dear Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

Trusting that every reader and follower is doing well.

We apologise for the silence; we have been busy managing our 2021 campaign.

A bit about our campaign:

29 Untold stories in 29 Days

There is something magical that happens when stories are told. I believe it’s the curiosity that accompanies the excitement. That’s what storytelling resonates in me, a unique curiosity about culture. I learnt about fufu and gender inequality because of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. I have seen the importance of storytelling because of Chinua Achebe. I have seen the impact that patriarchy has in Africa from Tsitsi Dangarembga . I have understood the importance of taking up spaces because of Dr Judy Dlamini. I respect the arts because of Zakes Mda. There are many more.

29 Untold stories in 29 Days of 29 amazing trailblazers in Ghana is my gift to the African continent. It is my way of reflecting on some of the important lessons that many women are learning on the continent. It is my way of reflecting on the importance of entrepreneurship , innovation and creating on the African continent. I want to explore the beauty of the continent and tell unforgettable tales. I want to whisper hope and inspiration to many Africans  because of these stories.

I want to shed light of some of the most important subjects that cause division on the continent. These include culture and heritage. I want to educate more Africans about the concept of unity. I want Africans to learn about other African countries and their cultures.

These stories are dedicated to my sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons and daughters of the soil.

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