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February 4, 2021
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February 25, 2021

Good Morning Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

I am trusting that you are well and safe.

Today, I am sharing the first part of my story with and I would appreciate your support.

I am an authentic storyteller, blogger and writer from South Africa. I am also the founder of Botlhale Hub Afrika (https://botlhaleafrika.co.za/ ). I have dedicated my life to amplifying the voices of Afrikans by honoring and celebrating their excellence through remarkable storytelling. I am deeply in love with the African continent. I love African countries especially West African countries. They have many challenges; however, the potential is full.

29 Untold stories in 29 Days is a study that will be conducted by Botlhale Hub Afrika. The study entails collecting stories from 29 Ghanaian women in Ghana. These stories were inspired with recent insight according to BusinessToday (2019) “Ghana in recent times has been ranked highest globally as the country producing the most female entrepreneurs, with an estimation of about 46.4% according to the Mastercard Index of Women’s Entrepreneurship (MIWE)”. The increase of women in entrepreneurship has contributed vastly to the economic development of Ghana.

Women entrepreneurs continue to strive hard, despite several disadvantages such as lack of capital and unfavourable working conditions. According to BusinessToday (2019) “80% of women who own small/micro scale business ventures have a hard time getting credit”. This does not prevent them from thriving and creating.

Ghanaians preserve and protect their heritage. UNESCO Diversity of Cultural Expression also stated that Ghana is “dedicated to raising-awareness and creating a national registry for tangible heritage, persisting gaps call for additional actions to improve the framework regarding the updating of registries, the inventorying of elements of intangible heritage, mechanisms for community involvement, and stimulating support amongst the private sector”.

Theme to be explored: Strengthening entrepreneurship, understanding culture and heritage, tackling social issues that Ghanaian women are faced with.

This project is a priority because it seeks to redress, analyse and understand:

  1. Marginalisation of women in Africa, however women playing roles in building the economy
  2. Shifting perception about the African continent
  3. Introducing a conversation of women driving economic growth
  4. Understanding the social issues faced by African women
  5. Culture and heritage as a tool to preserve national identity
  6. Introduce the subject of ending Xenophobia in Africa because we need each other
  7. Reflect on Ghana’s history that encourages entrepreneurship

The intended results of the project are to publish a book and share some insights on YouTube. In addition, this documentary is to be aired in South Africa and other African countries. This priority also seeks to impart knowledge about Africa and provide more literature created by Africans.

May you PLEASE support me on this exciting journey?


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