Dear Young Me #grace child

Dear Young Me #beautiful girl
September 6, 2020
Dear #Becoming A better version of Yourself
September 22, 2020

Dear Young Me

Let me start by saying, I am falling in love with the woman that you are becoming. Firm, assertive, attentive, wise, honourable, kind-hearted , honest and loving. However, before I give you all the praises let us recall and then own my truth.

Number one, nobody appointed you to become a voice of reason. You witnessed many of the injustices taking place in your family and therefore allowed your leadership skills to be birthed naturally.

Number two, your uniqueness, and inability to fit in is not the reason you faced rejection. The rejection had to happen to you specifically. You cannot blame yourself for the rejection. You cannot define and associate yourself with every rejection.

Number three, favourite children exist and should never be the reason childhoods are destroyed. Yes, you were the least favourite child, this did not define your achievements or zealous spirit.

Number four, you have never needed the approval of your parents. You created the approval because of being the least favourite child. You still do not require validation from them and this does not mean that you resent them.

Number five, your integrity and success are not associated with the struggles that you faced. You are not your challenges. You have always been better than that.

Number six, you are not overreacting. You saw a need to express yourself and feelings. There is so much discomfort that comes with telling the truth.

Number seven, you are an overcomer, always have and always will be. Let nobody or the world tell you otherwise.

Now that I have owned my truth. Let me just thank you for always being yourself. It is never an easy task to be one with self and you do it so gracefully. Let me applaud your bravery and courage it never seizes to amaze me. Let me just admire how you have gracefully stood firm and in truth. Thank you so much for becoming this woman. Everyday in your life is a learning curve and a lifetime worth of beautiful lessons.

Thank you for embracing every season good or bad. I never tell you this, but you are on the right path, take it easy and you are doing just fine.

Thank you for making the decision for trusting God Almighty with your life.

I love you, but God loves you more.


Grace child

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