Dear #Becoming A better version of Yourself

Dear Young Me #grace child
September 14, 2020
Mental Health Matters!
September 30, 2020

Dear Becoming A better version of Yourself

Silent battles are the most difficult battles to conquer. This is because they place strain on your soul. It is not a secret that many people especially young people suffer from anxiety. This anxiety is rooted in societies way of life. Societies definition of success according to social media standards. The societal calendar of when one should get married, have children or even live.

Covered in shame and wrapped in fear.

Addressing shame:

Let us begin to have an honest conversation with our souls for our minds and bodies to be freed. Shame is deceitful. It is ruthless, unforgiving and very present. It creeps up on us and immerses itself into our struggles. Shame is one of the many reasons that young people are faced with anxiety.

Shame is the reason why so many have lost their purpose and identities. Shame is selling your soul to the world. Shame is a thief sent to rob you of the gift of being productive where you are and understanding that is not your final destination. Shame is the self-inflicted discomfort that prevents you from honouring that your time will come and seasons do change.

Confronting fear:

Fear strips you of your light. It cripples your soul. Fear breaks your spirit slowly and diminishes your self-worth. Fear leaves you reducing your capabilities because you have labelled yourself unworthy. Fear leaves you making hasty decisions because of the nonexistence societal calendar.

Fear is believing that you have reached your biological clock. Fear is the self-inflicted hate of your present circumstance not allowing you to go through the process. Fear is the comparison of your peers and what you see on social media.

Becoming a better version of yourself

Becoming a better version of yourself is a journey that requires you to connect with your soul. To make a conscious decision to fiercely love yourself and be there for yourself. To understand that every challenge happens for a reason and that you are blooming where you are. Becoming a better version of yourself is believing that you are not your circumstance and every journey births beautiful lessons. Step into the unknown and allow God’s will to take charge.

Reading Kgodiso Judith Rabapane’s book “Valour and Purpose” has reignited a fire in my bones. A reminder to continuously be grateful where I am and understand where God is taking me. To be at peace with myself. To love myself unconditionally and serve gracefully.

To step outside of fear because I was not created to have the spirit of timidity. Thank you Kgodiso Judith Rabapane for your beautiful work and journey. We need more of you and thank you for depositing yourself to the nation. We need more stories written by Africans to share divine encounters to break generational cycles.

I hope everyone who reads this will nurture who they are becoming.


Becoming a better version of yourself.

Contact detail for book purchase:

LinkedIn: Kgodiso Judith Rabapane

Instagram: @kgodiso933 or @kgodiso_rabapane_books

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