Lesson two- Perspective matters

Lesson 1- Letting go is an underrated blessing
November 16, 2022
From a village girl, happy 2023
January 12, 2023

On the 24th of December 2022, I was having a very insightful conversation with my big sister about 2022. We went on to share some of the beautiful encounters we have had in 2022. For myself, one was understanding the concept of being strategically placed to serve a greater purpose. God has a way of placing you in a position that will align you to your destiny. It will take an open mind and teachable spirit for you to embrace it.

Story time

I was eight years old when my late grandmother gifted me with a recorder, which was also a radio. I used to carry it around with me all the time. Little did I know that my late grandmother was honing a passion for broadcasting in me. I have loved broadcasting as a child even as an adult, my love for broadcasting is never-ending.

Something in me awakens when I listen to radio, especially talk radio. It’s the notion that our communities can engage challenges affecting them directly and widely share opinions from a place of experience. The opportunity to listen to the public participate on crucial headlines. The broadcaster’s ability to listen attentively to what happens on the ground. The concept of hearing Africans responding to African matters is liberating.

Being placed where I am now, is what I am addressing. I listen attentively to complaints and enquiries. I give advice and learn from the ones around me in the process. This platform may not be broadcasting however, it has granted me the opportunity to deal with issues directly impacting people and to find solutions.

Back to being strategically placed is that where you are prepares you for your next chapter. There are lessons that you require to learn and maybe it’s time to embrace where you are for your next. Embracing where you are is not being complacent however, is awarding yourself an opportunity not to miss the gateway to your purpose.

Having a change in perspective and a purpose mindset will enhance professional development. One big takeaway for me in 2022 was shifting my perspective.

Side note, the end goal is to go into broadcasting professionally one day.

Have yourself a prosperous 2023 family.

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