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December 27, 2022
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January 18, 2023

I am a  product of parents that were raised in the rural areas. I take so much pride in my parents being brought up in the rural areas. For years, I wrestled to understand why my sentiments differed from my parents. Now as an adult, I am becoming an enlightened version of my rural parents.

Story time

My rural parents were raised in the rather oppressed South Africa. The South Africa that is free but not freed. The South Africa that segregated them to the homelands. The South Africa that stripped them of living with both parents. The South Africa that conditioned their place as people of colour in society.

One would think that because of their historical conditioning, just maybe their hearts would have hardened.

Well, that’s not the case, instead my rural parents have this interesting take on life. I never really understood when they said “we are here in Gauteng representing where we come from”. Therefore, they have had an added responsibility to learn, unlearn and relearn to pay it forward.

Many of us are in unfamiliar territories, others by choice and many because of the economy. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you learn, unlearn and relearn as much as you can where you are.

To Learn can simply be embracing difference and leveraging your difference. Relearning is understanding that evolution takes place daily and yes it’s daunting however very necessary. Relearning is also about being open to change.

The art that is brought by unlearning is understanding that yes it was done like this before however, let’s look at other ways of doing it. Unlearning is the courage to step away from the familiar because comfort can birth the complacent version of yourself. Unlearning is being open that the discomfort brought by change can be beneficial.

In hindsight, being raised by my rural parents paid off. Now, let’s bring it to the moral of the story before I wish you a prosperous 2023 LinkedIn family.

2023 is one of those years that many will find themselves in very unfamiliar territories. Unfamiliar territories such as new jobs, moving to a new city or country, career shifts and recovering from the pandemic. Some might find themselves with new spouses and children transitioning to teenagers.

There is no other time to embrace the changes and unlearn old habits like now. Having an open mind and heart could lead you to that defining moment in 2023. With all the goals and manifestations being penned this year. I was very intentional about adding learning, unlearning, relearning, discipline, consistency and doing the best that I can.

In all honesty, what you need to achieve your goals is to show up and give it your best shot.

Lastly, please have yourself a prosperous 2023. If you are looking for accountability partners to give you support, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Happy New Year

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