Creative industry: A call for Creatives to leverage on the digital world

May content update 2022
May 12, 2022
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May 25, 2022

The upsurge of the pandemic had an impact on the creatives. Shows were cancelled or postponed. Plays were put on hold and ticket sales weren’t made. Sadly, the bills kept on piling up. Being creative in the pandemic is indeed a test of time. In this case a test of patience.

I think COVID-19 has a way of inciting or questioning your creative ability. This is because one unintentionally reflects on the number of losses incurred at the height of the virus. The impact that the losses had and the recovery.

Sometimes, I embrace the idea that maybe the creative industry needed COVID-19 to disrupt our way of life and thought processes about the creative industry. Could it be so that maybe the pandemic is drawing us into another dimension in the digital world. I think it’s time for creatives to leverage on the digital space and increase their presence online.

What do you think creatives?

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