May content update 2022

Africans cough it out NOW!- African edition Season 1
April 25, 2022
Creative industry: A call for Creatives to leverage on the digital world
May 23, 2022

Welcome, to the fifth month of the year 2022.

Welcome to bold decisions and consistently showing up even on days it’s difficult to get up. Welcome to a new season and new opportunities. A season of encounters. Welcome, to another month of getting closer to your goals and dreams. It has not been easy but look at you radiating greatness.

Look at you showing up and maintaining your peace. Look at you smiling.

May this month be filled with answered prayers and more laughter.

May plan:

  • Africans cough it out NOW episode 3-8 on live on LinkedIn and YouTube Phiwe Mncwabe.
  • Creative Industry blogs– The life of a creative, creative industries are the answer and creative industries showcased
  • Entrepreneurship in Africa – Informal entrepreneurship and a story of a female entrepreneur from Zimbabwe

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