Creative industry: The Great Ethiopian Homecoming to change Africa’s narrative and foster trade!

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January 13, 2022
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January 20, 2022

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It is imperative that we join hands with the placing of Africa on the map globally in a positive way. Changing the African narrative requires all Africans to play a part . What better way to use crisis management creatively by showcasing Ethiopia?

It was during December of 2021 when the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called one million Ethiopians, Ethiopian origins, and friends of Ethiopia to come to Ethiopia following the Gregorian New Year. “The call was made to debunk the undue pressure exerted on Ethiopia; to defy interference and show solidarity of Ethiopians on national issues”.

The Ethiopian Homecoming challenge forwarded by HE Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed could be Ethiopia’s answer and used to change the African narrative.

Known as Abyssinia culture and traditions dating back to over 3000 years.  Ethiopia is considered as a land of beauty. This is because it preserves ancient historical traditions. Ethiopians take pride in their history and culture. A nation that commemorates culture is instrumental in preserving African heritage. When African heritage is preserved it fosters an educational environment. As an African continent we desire to educate ourselves more about our continent, in the hope of learning more about our resources.

The Homecoming can be used as a platform for creatives to create

The more Ethiopians we have returning, creatives will be given an opportunity to showcase their talents. Creatives will be creating crafts that will be purchased by the Ethiopian diaspora. Purchasing Ethiopian products and returning to the diaspora with Ethiopian products is accelerating trade and boosting Africa trade on the global market.

Again, the homecoming will recreate experiences of the Ethiopian diaspora. A positive experience and shift in their perspective about Ethiopia. The homecoming could be used as a window to develop Ethiopia because of a refined experience.

In addition, the recreation of experiences’ purpose will be remembered and placed at the forefront. Our purpose as an African continent requires us to ensure that we develop Africa and in the midst of development we must establish peace and harmony.

As Africans we need to realise that we can use our challenges as a steppingstone to find solutions. A change in perspective will make a difference. Let us use this homecoming to develop Africa, foster trade and to change the African narrative. 


Image source: Addis Herald

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