Creative industry: Covid-19’s impact on the creative sector reflections

Creative industry: Building resilience part 2
December 6, 2021
December 8, 2021

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Story Time

Life is not what we have known it to be

The outbreak of the coronavirus has had an impact on our lives and livelihoods. Life went from us ordinarily going about everywhere as we pleased to now wearing face masks everywhere. We went from attending weddings and festivals to now revisiting our life covers. Everything has changed. Our thinking about life has changed and the uncertainty doesn’t make it easier.

We can safely say that life is not what we have known it to be. We move about with fear not only of the virus however, the anxiety of more changes to be in place. Whether it’s the travel ban restrictions or job security. Or maybe even business detours. With everything happening right before our eyes, let’s not forget the impact that the coronavirus has had on the creative sector.

Fugard Theatre in Cape Town permanently closed

We are still grieving the closure of the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town. The Fugard theatre named after the significant and internationally acclaimed playwright Athol Fugard, closed its doors permanently on the 16th of March 2021. Known for its soul-searing plays and for reflecting on the history of Apartheid in South Africa.

A devastating encounter that has impacted creatives in South Africa. Productions were suspended due to COVID-19 in 2020. A very hard pill to swallow. COVID-19 has really taken so much from us. We slowly grieve human losses, business closures and missed opportunities.

COVID-19 changed everything.

I want to urge to creatives on the African continent that in the midst of these changes don’t stop creating. It is dauting to live in uncertainty however, the fire in you to create will always burn in the inside. Allow the fire to ignite more creative concepts and solutions. We still need you to create.

Yes, we are grieving so many missed opportunities however, this is not the end. We can still leverage on the creative economy.

Don’t’ stop creating!

See you in the next one.

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