Creative industry: Building resilience part 2

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December 2, 2021
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It is that time of the year where every creative is running low on creative fuel. It is that time of the year where creatives are just ready to complete their final year end projects. The energy is very low however, their spirits yet so high.

For many this year did not go as planned. There were times where we had to stop and rethink. Then there was a time where we had to reflect and realign. There were moments where we had to accept and move on. This year was a detour to a beautiful destination.

Resilience meant not giving into defeat however, realising that some days are better than others. Fighting to keep your spirit refreshed at all times and maintaining peace. 2021 a very interesting year with so many beautiful moments worth celebrating.

Here are some of the key takeaways for building resilience part 2:


Gratitude in 2021 meant appreciating every aspect of life. Honouring every breathe and ability to freely walk. It meant appreciating the gift that life is and the importance of making everyday count.

Celebrating every win

The year 2021 has taught me not to classify wins. Every win whether small or big is a win. Every win deserves a celebration. Therefore, this year I honoured every win this year. I hope you did too.

Being at peace with where you are

Being at peace with where you are right now, is never easy. However, the beauty that comes with this is that you won’t stay where you are. You are transitioning. The transition might not be physical, but it takes place spiritually first.

You are where you need to be.

In the final building resilience, we speak life into 2022 and let go.

See you in the next one.

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