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#29untoldstoriesin29days #100Conversations Wake up to the potential of creative industries
November 9, 2021
#29untoldstoriesin29days #100Conversations 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Africa, from Sierra Leone meet Mariama Seray Marrah
November 12, 2021

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Story Time

When the world was closing in on me, creating content about Africa including Africans saved my life. I did not know that shifting the narratives about the African continent could open a world of opportunities for me.

Unemployment is a challenge that impacts the mental health of many livelihoods. The psychological effects it has on an individual are lifelong. The exclusion from social activities and loneliness that comes with being unemployed is unheard of. Nobody ever really talks about how lonely the journey to finding employment is. The endless emotional breakdowns after rejection. The distress of feeling “behind from your peers” takes a toll on you.

Creating content  and networking with the right people saved my life and employed me. Therefore,  I feel a responsibility to empower young women to consider entrepreneurship or the youth to leverage on the creative economy to be free from unemployment.

After many months of engaging with reports and interrogating studies. I will be extensively exploring the creative economy and female entrepreneurs in Africa. This comes with an intention to help young people find opportunities in the labour market or explore entrepreneurship.

Upon my engagement with the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs , “female entrepreneurs were discovered to be opening successful businesses faster than ever before. The MIWE also brings to the forefront the broad set of variables propelling this dynamism, globally. The report again reaffirms the idea of opportunity‐driven entrepreneurial activity.

With that said, the coming months the content that will be explored are stories of female entrepreneurs in Africa. 100 Female entrepreneur’s stories will be published from  (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana,  Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Angola).

Some of the stories of the female entrepreneurs will explore the following:

  • How highly conducive and enabling conditions that helps fuel women as business owners?
  • Entrepreneurial failure and risk taking, gender discrimination,
  • Lack of confidence and poor mentorship and networking support,
  • Affecting women in otherwise highly favourable and supportive entrepreneurial markets.

The notion of these aspects is creating a better world for women, so that they can create limitless possibilities for all.

Second segment of our content will be addressing unemployment by exploring the creative industries and using our YouTube channel to harness conversations with creatives on the continent.

Content to be available on:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday -The role of the creative industries

Wednesday and Fridays -Female entrepreneurship stories

Saturdays-Children to preserve African heritage and change the narratives using arts and culture coming soon) once a month Instagram lives

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