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November 8, 2021
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November 10, 2021

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Story Time

According to UN Report about cinema on the continent, film industries in Africa could reach 20 billion and create an extra 20 million jobs. The growing demand of film productions from across the African continent is unheard of.

Policymakers need to intervene

Creativity on the African continent is booming. We need to stop underplaying how creatives are producing content that contributes to telling our African stories. Historically and structurally the film and audio-visual sector is underfunded, underdeveloped and undervalued.

Policymakers need to join in arms to protect and invest in the film industry. By developing a viable and competitive atmosphere that will enable creatives that do not receive copyright payment in return for their work. It is also essential that Governments take note of the emergence of a new economy of African content creators.

African stories are compelling

African stories are appealing globally. African stories contribute to expressing diversity and culture on the continent. African stories are changing the narratives about the African continent. African stories are showcasing the development of the continent.  African stories are a gateway to rekindling solidarity and peace on the continent. African stories remind us that it is Africans that need to be part of African solutions.

African Governments need to act

We need African governments to have an impact in enabling film industry environments. Governments need to establish continental strategies to consider the potential of the creative industry. We need to protect, preserve and  develop the creative industries in Africa.

It is crucial that as the African continent we are mindful of the notion that creative industries add cultural benefits on the African continent.

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