#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : How to start a Blog series?

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July 23, 2021
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#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : How to start a Blog series?

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The world of communication and writing is evolving. How we engage and communicate with our audience is very crucial. Blogs are informal platforms where businesses or individuals use to engage with people. The original word for blogs is “weblog”.

Blogs vary from travel, food, cooking and lifestyle to mention a few.

The workshop on “How to start a Blog series” was established to assist writers channel their interests onto a blog. The series is assisting writers with basic starting tools. This is for the beginners who are ready to become bloggers. The “How to start a Blog series” is platform to inspire writers to start writing. It is also a platform where we share ideas on how to make our content exciting and relevant.

The “How to start a Blog series” is designed for writers who are ready to start blogging. We also discuss important topics such as “blogging as a career and how to monetize your blog”.

The “How to start a Blog series” was also established to raise more African writers to report on issues facing Africa from an African perspective. To tell stories about Africa, the best way they know how to and change the African narrative.

Lastly, is because of the number of emails we received of writers enquiring about blogging. Therefore, as part of our #29untoldstoriesin29days project we want raise more writers and storytellers to write about Africa.

The video of the workshop will be made available later this week on our YouTube Channel. YouTube Channel name Phiwe Mncwabe.

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