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December 10, 2020
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December 20, 2020

Hello Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

The past six weeks have been life-changing. It all began with a networking session, laughter and storytelling. We went from being strangers, to now being global sisters. We went from spending time with our families, to forming part of a family meeting at 18:00pm (GMT) and SAST 20:00pm.

We went from having plans and ideas to learning how to implement them effectively.

Sherock restored our confidence and mentally prepared us for the world of opportunities. Sherock reminded us of the importance of the digital space and the need to consistently refine our skills.

To remain relevant and make an impact where we are.

To be passionate and to be intentional about the manifestation of our goals. To nurture our excellence and to be the bearers of hope in our spaces.

To take up spaces and opportunities even when scared. To continuously send down the ladder for other WAW (Women Are Wonderful) so that they can get up.

Botlhale Hub Afrika would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Abeyie Innovations Studio team, for the opportunity to be able to share stories of women on career breaks. We thank CEO Joy Bonsu Schmutz, the speakers and the participants.

The program is complete however, its ONLY THE BEGINNING!

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