Week 3 of Sherock Female Accelerator Program 2020

November 18, 2020
November 24, 2020

Hello Botlhale Hub Community

Trusting that you are following our journey on the Sherock Female Accelerator Program 2020

We have entered the third week of the Sherock Female Accelerator Program 2020 and we just cannot get enough of the insights and informative discussions.

We just want to share some very inspiring highlights of some of the discussions that have been giving us goosebumps and repositioning us to reflect on our careers.

Digital Skills Training

The world is evolving, and the advancement is compelling us to adapt to technology. Whether we like it or not technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. We cannot run from the impact that technology has on our livelihoods. Whether it be it improving our lives or our businesses we need to evolve as it advances.

Dr Joyce Aryee

Theme: Refine to reposition for relevance

An encounter with wisdom and life changing lessons with Auntie Joyce. Auntie Joyce’s take on relevance and reposition awakened souls and touched lives. Her ability to relate to every woman remains humbling and heartfelt. Her definitions and views of refining and repositioning for relevance are breath-taking.


“Work is providing a good service”.

“Be confident in your talents”.

“Something inside of you is FINE, you are making it fine again for greater value”.

“Adding value to yourself”.

“Relevance is about impact”.

“Be brave”.

“Have a strong narrative”.

“Life is changing”.

“Never stop learning”.

Reposition for relevance

“Value not money. Put value in yourself, money will run after you.”

“Specialise on what you know best. Not every degree brings out the best in you.”

“Never be caught sleeping. Laziness has never helped anyone. Bad time management does not help”.

“Care about ourselves as women”.

Ultimate question: “What can I do best to help people”.

“Challenge yourself”.

There is a fire being ignited in our bones and we remain excited. Please continue following this amazing journey and subscribe on the YouTube Channel to hear more from our participants.

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Thank you so much.

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