Sustainable Development Goal 5

Felicia Opoku-Folite
November 2, 2020
Eno Quagraine
November 3, 2020

She is the most underrated however possess the sturdiest fighting spirit. She inhales strength and breathes wisdom. She brightens up the room with her laughter. She is graceful in her walk and pace. Her face is full of possibilities. Her kindness precedes her. She is who she believes to be and more.

She is loving. She is a teacher, a leader and born to recreate. She is beautiful, strong and courteous. She can be stern, harsh and altogether graceful.

She is her mother’s daughter.

She is a queen.

Africa is her home.

Her hands are wrapped with ideas, hopes, dreams and possibilities. Her breasts are full of prosperity and abundance. Her womb carries visions and destinies.

Africa is her home; however, she has reproduced herself to the world.

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