What young people need is OPPORTUNITY!

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June 7, 2022
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August 17, 2022

I thought I should cough this out before youth month ends.

My heart goes out to young people. My heart is for young people. Something in me still believes that young people are deserving of being given chances. Something in me believes that what young people need is opportunity!

The opportunity to have a voice in the state’s political affairs. The opportunity to work and get exposure. The opportunity to contribute to the growth of the economy. The opportunity to serve and maximise their potential.

I have been contemplating, the many disheartened young Africans, that I find myself engaging with are anxious . These are the young people who are consumed in substance abuse and drowning in depression because they feel worthless.

Let us be frank.

Young people face the most rejection in the world. Rejection from job opportunities they apply for. The limited opportunities in the workplace because of the experience that they don’t have. The lack of mentorship and guidance.

I think it’s time to have an honest conversation about how young people are struggling to make ends meet. Even when they get access to opportunities the standard of living makes it impossible for them to be comfortable. As a generation of Africans, some are in the shackles of the inescapable black tax and at the same time breaking generational cycles of poverty. Life on the side of young people doesn’t get any easier.

Is it safe to call in a rescue for our young people?

Have you checked in on the young people around you to actually find out how they are doing? No, really aside from what young people post on social media platforms how are young people actually doing?

The pressure from their family members, peers and social media?

How are young people actually doing in these economic times?

When you have time, please do check in on young people. When the government has time, please give young people opportunities they are ready.

Hope everyone has been well in the Botlhale Hub Community.

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