Entrepreneurship with purpose conference activated -Kunle Pelemo first speaker

Entrepreneurship with purpose conference activated from the 28th Feb-21st March 2022!
February 25, 2022
Neltah Tshepiso Mosimanegape-Real Estate Entrepreneur from Botswana and Founder of Tempest Gold
March 1, 2022

According to Mayberry (2021) in the World Economic Forum “depression is the most prevalent mental illness in the world. Currently, an estimated 100 million people in Africa suffer from clinical depression, including 66 million women”.

The World Bank considers it “the greatest thief of productive economic life, with yearly global costs from mental, neurological and substance use disorders estimated at between $2.5-8.5 trillion dollars a year. That figure is projected to nearly double by the year 2030”.

Entrepreneurship with purpose conference activated will be discussing the importance of wellness in entrepreneurship (wellness, productivity and growth).

Your body is a vehicle. It is very crucial that you look after it all times. If you want to achieve your business objectives effectively, you need to prioritize your wellness.

To open and pilot the conference meet Mr Kunle Pelemo from Nigeria.

He is the CEO of  Kuntrol HQ Int’l Ltd ,Mental Health Strategist at Mycarebuddy and a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Kunle Pelemo also known as K.P is a multi-talented nation- building and knowledge business strategist. He is the CEO of Kuntrol HQ Int’l Ltd. He is an advocate of mental health and suicide prevention in Nigeria and Africa at Large. Having worked in the oil and gas downstream sector of his country for close to a decade, he deemed it fit to quit the sector in order to champion his mental health and suicide prevention cause called Live And Not Die (LAND).

Over the years, he has undergone series of courses in reputable institutions such as University of Glasgow, Philanthropy University and Mental Health Academy for the purpose of certification and knowledge acquisition in respect of his advocacy.

In March 2020, Kunle was nominated as 2020 Mental Health Champion by the World Dignity Project after his works have gained recognition by so many organizations and individuals within and outside the shores of Africa. He has featured on so many programmes on national TVs, radio stations, live casts, etc creating awareness and offering support for people.

He is currently the chief mental health strategist of Mycarebuddy Limited; a foremost online mental health care service provider in Nigeria.

He is a Global Goodwill Ambassador (Humanitarian) in Nigeria  and also Ambassador for Cuenta Conmigo NGOs in Argentina.

In June 2021, Kunle was named among awardees of 2021 World Happiness Olympiads Awards.

As part of his willingness and passion to spread kindness on a global scene, Kunle is also an Ambassador of The Kindness Games; an initiative co-founded by Tim Wenzel and Lee Oughton.

Kunle hosts a mental health awareness and suicide prevention weekly show on two online radio stations in UK; MZ radio London and AP radio UK. He has hosted several professionals across the world on the show with amazing feedbacks from the listening audience.


“The mind; an asset to us all, the use; the difference between us all”.-Kunle Pelemo

“Change is automatic, but progress is not”. -Tony Robbins

TO PAST TIME KUNLE: Watches football, plays games, writes jokes and sings.

You don’t want to miss this!

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