Creative industry: Promote young contemporary African talent

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Story Time

African Art plays a significant role in changing the narrative. The presence of African Art on the African continent is to preserve our heritage as Africans. We need to make it a priority to promote contemporary African art not only to preserve our heritage, however strengthen participation in the creative economy more specifically for young people. This is because contemporary African art is relating to Africa, its people, customs and culture. Contemporary African art is fueling its own artistic identity for Africans on the continent.

The role in cementing African Contemporary Art is to promote Artists who live in Africa and produce their art works on African soil. It is also to remind Africans in the diaspora of where they come from. As an African continent we need to leverage on contemporary art because it is telling the African story and it’s placing our African culture at the forefront.

Our African culture is what shapes our identity. It is imperative that we rally creative and cultural industries for African governments to development our African societies.

This week we are set to showcase some of Africa’s contemporary artists on the African continent.

Please keep a watchful eye on our updates?

Happy fruitful week to every reader.

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