OPINION: Quarter 1 2023, how are you doing so far?

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February 8, 2023
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Just the other day, we were at ‘’happy new year’’. We were writing or manifesting our goals for the year ahead of us. We were optimistic for 2023. Nothing could get in the way of our excitement. Everything was set, so were we.

However, lately I’m sensing a decline with the positive energy. Correct me if I am wrong but every second person, I have engaged recently is discouraged. I am not sure as to whether it’s because of the news headlines or maybe anxiety is taking over?

Let me take this moment to bring you back and reassure you to relax.

We are sixty-two days in 2023. You approximately have over ten goals or more written down. Of those goals some will require adjustments and discipline. Some goals or desires will require patience and most importantly just the perfect moment.

Let me break this down with a couple of encounters I recently had with a couple of my clients.

Client 1

A client shared how she felt like she was not seeing any results her on fitness journey. I asked how often she worked out. She responded by saying NEVER. So, having never worked out why expect your body to immediately respond well to exercise? This is a process and will require patience and consistency.

Client 2

Another client expressed how he battled with making new friends. He further mentioned how difficult it is meeting people. I further asked how often he went out or just networked with people.

He then told me that he hardly went out. Being outdoors mostly on weekends will give you space to make new friends. Sometimes, it takes you joining a running club for you to find your tribe. Staying home is good but being out in nature is better for your wellbeing. If you want to meet new people, step out of the house. I know it’s unfamiliar territory however; I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Client 3

My last client cried about being unemployed for two years. This broke my heart dearly. You see, the world at large has had to make adjustments since 2020. We have had to witness our family members and close friends being retrenched. The increase in unemployment and now as a country being greylisted. This will have an impact on employment, however, please don’t be discouraged. Let us try other avenues to enter the job market, maybe teaching online or leverage on our connections online.

You lose nothing by sending a very polite message to your connections or recruiters sharing your work experience and mentioning that you are looking for employment. Sometimes, it takes a very polite and professional message to someone asking for a referral or them to recommend you for opportunities in their organisation. It won’t hurt to follow connections in industry that you take an interest in. Read what they are doing to see where you can fit in and approach them.

Shoot your shot. It is not only recruiters, who unlock your doors to employment. It is ordinary people who are already employed that are inside that can help get your next opportunity. Therefore, never take your connections on LinkedIn for granted.

Just be polite and professional then approach them. I would also recommend that you have an active profile with updated information and a professional headshot.

Now that, you are back from all the sadness. Come back to life and smash the rest of your 2023 goals. Don’t forget to be disciplined, committed and consistent. I just came here to remind you that you got this.

Happy New Month

Love and light.

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