Lessons 3- Health is wealth

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January 18, 2023
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February 8, 2023

In my formative years junk food was my life. I loved the notion of eating unhealthy foods that weren’t prepared by me. I loved the convenience it came with. Burgers, fries and ice-cream were my favourite. Let’s just say, being enrolled in university changed my health.

We tend to neglect that the kind of foods that we intake contribute to our productivity and energy levels.

I remember having a conversation with a lecturer about the importance of a healthy diet. I met the lecturer through a student that was being assisted by the university. My lecturer was curious about finding out why I did not like having breakfast.

Young and naïve me at the time, boldly said that I did not have the time to make breakfast. She then asked what my morning routine entailed. When I shared my morning routine with her, I was immediately convicted. I realised that I just did not make time to have breakfast. She then challenged me to squeeze in breakfast for fourteen days and give her feedback. I did just that and to my surprise everything changed.

I didn’t feel so sluggish and exhausted after lectures. I had more energy and decided to incorporate running as a form of exercise. I started to meal prep every Sunday afternoon and minimise junk food. Exercising, cutting down on junk food and eating the right foods changed my life.

Ten years later, I have developed a healthy relationship with food and exercising. I have learnt to understand what my body needs and the importance of not overindulging. I know the kinds of foods that slow down my productivity. Let’s just say, I am looking after myself and what comes inside my body. Yes, I will not lie, it requires so much discipline and consistency. There are times where I disappoint myself however, I always remind myself that health is wealth.

It’s safe to say that investing in my health changed my life. Never take your health for granted. I have seen the growing illnesses that some of my peers have because of unhealthy diets. It’s disheartening because a lifestyle change will help you develop healthy eating habits. Developing healthy eating habits does not require perfection. It’s about moderation, discipline and consistency.

In addition, I have seen the importance of keeping a circle of people who share the same values when it comes to health. I am no expert, nor have I arrived. However, I highly recommend that you start eating breakfast, cook more, drink water and exercise. The rest will fall into place. Looking after my health was the best decision ever. I urge you to give it a try and please share your experience with me?

Your health is your wealth!

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