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January 12, 2023
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January 25, 2023

Introducing our theme “The Africa we need”

A divine intervention from the heavens or just more accountability from our public servants. I reckon we need both at this point. A day in the life of a South African citizen impacted by loadshedding is becoming more difficult. We don’t talk about the many adjustments we have had to make because of loadshedding. In all aspects of our lives, everything has had to be altered.

Let’s talk about the early mornings that we are now subjected to because of the traffic lights not working. We need to ensure that we leave our houses an hour early to avoid obstruction, accidents or late coming to the office. Or how we need to ensure that we iron our clothes or uniforms the night before, tired or not.

How about the food going off in our fridges because of the ‘’on and off’’? What about the costly take out we must opt for because we cannot cook . We cannot buy food in bulk because sometimes stage six means two extras of no power. Don’t get me started on the many appliances in our households that don’t work anymore because of loadshedding.

The number of SMMEs faced with losses or the pain of having to go offline because they don’t have generators. The hiking fuel prices to fill these generators. Loadshedding is even impacting learning in our schools.

Loadshedding has heightened the inequalities that have existed in South Africa for years. Not having power close to twelve hours a day is growing unproductivity. What nation are we breeding when we rely on power for productivity? Having power means a better livelihood. Having power is equivalent to having access to opportunities.

Eskom you elaborate your maintenance plan so beautifully, however reducing stages cannot assist small businesses recover the losses. Small businesses have had to shut down because of loadshedding. South Africa is not in a position to have small businesses shutting down because we heavily rely on SMMEs to create opportunities for employment.

As a country we are aware that it’s too late for prevention plans. We need more accountability now.

Is this that country that we want to live in?

This is not the South Africa that I signed up for. The South Africa I imagined was one with an accountable leadership and good governance. In the words of Biko ”black man you are on your own”. Now it goes, South Africans you are on your own.

We have comprehended that eliminating loadshedding is something that cannot happen overnight. However, maybe let’s try accountability to ease the anger and frustrations of many in South Africa.

It’s enough and something needs to be done.

Read Africa. Write about Africa. Put Africa first!

That is what we need!

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