Content plan- introducing our theme “The Africa we need”

Thank you for the birthday wishes…
November 10, 2022
Lesson 1- Letting go is an underrated blessing
November 16, 2022

We are officially back.

As promised, I will be unlocking lessons and insights with a touch of humour. I will also be interrogating what Africans need now.

I believe it is time that we boldly reiterate our needs as Africans.

Our Africa is our future. I still believe in the Pan-African approach to reclaiming our Africa. For our Africa to be integrated we require bold writers like myself to rise to the occasion and to write until something happens.

Writers like myself who are bold enough to write about our Africa and even challenge the stereotypes. Writers who are bold enough to call out the mismanagement of our affairs and are ready to reframe our potential. Bold writers like myself who rise to the occasion even when the media interrogates and interferes with our identity.

It’s now or never.

Read Africa. Write about Africa. Put Africa first!

That is what we need!

The hashtag to follow is #BreakTheBias , #amplifyingvoices and #authenticstories.


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