Africans cough it out NOW!- African edition Season 1

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April 21, 2022
Africans cough it out NOW!- African edition Season 1
April 25, 2022

I am an African. Born and bred in South Africa.  I hail from a beautiful land, rich in resources and very diverse in culture. My ancestral bloodline is connected to the Kingdom of eSwatini. South Africa is the land where some of my forefathers were born and others migrated to.

South Africa is home

South Africa is home to the displaced and the vulnerable. South Africa is home to those seeking refuge. South Africa is also the connecting country. South Africa is not the final destination. South Africa is hope.

Approximately sixty to seventy years ago in April, the Group Areas Act was passed. An Act that was set to disintegrate the lives of “our people”. The Group Areas Act legislation imposed racial segregation by separating citizens on a racial basis. Different races were prohibited from living in urban areas. The removal of our people and their assets was revolting.

Today, we are living in the consequences of a law passed by the Apartheid government. A legislation that later introduced dysfunction, division, rejection and disempowered our people in their home.

Then “freedom” happened; however, we missed the true encounter. Yes, we are free but truly not freed. We are wounded from the past injustices. The foundation of what we call freedom rests upon oppressive systems. Systematic oppression birthed division and dysfunctional in our home.

Freedom presented an opportunity for addressing past injustices and the unlearning of systematic oppression. Freedom unlocked the physical chains however not the mental bondage. If we say, we are free why embrace terms such as Xenophobia? Who or what really gave meaning to the word Xenophobia?

South Africa is a place called home

Our land needs healing urgently. The state’s inability to address societal ills is wrecking our nation. The lives of many will be lost and history cannot repeat itself. Biko did not die for this! I think it’s time to uncover the untold fears, wounds and tomorrow of our nation.

Africans cough out NOW presents season one an African edition. Let’s discuss and educate one another on critical matters impacting Africans. Movements should not give us a voice; we are our own people. We have our views and perceptions.

If you are an African or in the diaspora open to having discussions about addressing African solutions to African challenges, please contact us ASAP?

Please help us spread the word?

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