An empty seat at the table this Easter!

Reflections on the entrepreneurship with purpose conference, season one!
April 6, 2022
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April 22, 2022

Let me start by saying taking time off to rest is very crucial. Social media detox and time to yourself are the best remedies to heal a scattered brain or a creative one. We shouldn’t get so obsessed with making an impact whilst our bodies are telling us that it’s time to rest.

We are back in full force and ready to share very insightful information since we are the hub of wisdom in Africa.

Before everything begins, let me start by wishing you a happy easter. I hope everyone had an amazing time being with their families.

Although, this Easter was not like other easters. This for many was the easter of firsts. The first easter not on lockdown for the past two years here in South Africa. The first easter without some of our loved ones. Loved ones who lost their lives due to coronavirus. Loved ones who transitioned. The first Easter being in church after two years of the lockdown. The first easter visiting our loved one’s burial ground because we could not bid them farewell due to the lockdown restrictions. The first year of trying to make sense of the impact the pandemic has had in our lives. The year of the firsts has been a daunting encounter.

Amid such heartache and pain encountered, let us not forget to acknowledge other positive outlooks of the year of the first. For some this could be your year of the first of being a mother or a wife. The first year living in your new property. The first year being employed. The first year of recovering from addiction or addressing your mental health challenges. The first year living in a new city and doing what you love. The first year of being an entrepreneur.

The year of the first has both a positive and negative impact on us. I think the challenge is that sometimes we focus so much on the negative that we tend to forget that small wins are victories. In these trying times, I hope we can find it within us to always keep a positive mindset.

Strength ,love and light to everyone.

This season two we will be investigating entrepreneurs operating and trading informally. In season two we will also be bringing a segment to discuss and reflect on some of the continental realities impacting Africans. We want to give Africans a voice to find solutions to African problems.

If you are an entrepreneur or know of an entrepreneur trading informally, please contact us?

Again, if you are an African or in the diaspora open to having discussions about addressing African solutions to African challenges, please contact us ASAP?

Please help us spread the word?

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