Reflections on the entrepreneurship with purpose conference, season one!

What a time to be alive!
April 4, 2022
An empty seat at the table this Easter!
April 21, 2022

In March 2022, we committed to celebrating the strides made by women in Africa. Strides made socially, economically, culturally and politically. Our mission to accelerate gender equality and echoing the #breakthebias hashtag came alive. We made this a reality by showcasing women breaking the bias in Africa sharing their insights through storytelling.

Our conference opened with a very crucial subject-

Wellness, productivity and growth in entrepreneurship”.

Our first speaker Mr Kunle Pelemo from Nigeria- The CEO of  Kuntrol HQ Int’l Ltd ,Mental Health Strategist at Mycarebuddy and Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Opening statement: The demand for mental health in Africa is increasing particularly among vulnerable populations like women!

Focus: Navigating obstacles to reach business goals

Kunle pointed out:

  • Recharge and get back your energy to foster productivity
  • Work life integration and meeting a balance is key.
  • Practising gratitude, mindfulness and conscious thinking will save you.

In this particular session, we established that ignoring mental health has wide-reaching impacts.

Watch the full discussion:

Our second guest speaker Nelly Paulser from Zimbabwe- Co-Founder, Social Entrepreneur, and Luxury Event Stationery Designer from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Opening statement: Women have the power to define!

Focus: Female entrepreneurs in design

The tech and design industry are male dominated. We need to lead innovative strategies that will enable women to gain access to resources.

Nelly pointed out:

  • Women need to understand the importance of networking, in-house training, creating safe spaces and letting go of fear.
  • Women work with their hearts!
  • When you empower a woman, you empower a nation!

Watch the full discussion:

Our keynote address Amanda Obidike the STEM queen of Africa from Nigeria. She is the founder of STEMi Makers Africa and shares her journey of establishing STEMi Makers Africa.

Opening statement: Women are making valuable contributions in science and entrepreneurship!

Focus: Female participation in STEM is very important

Amanda pointed out:

  • Women are pillars.
  • There is a need for more mentors and job-shadowing in STEM fields.
  • Women are nation builders.
  • Persevere and don’t fear rejection!

Watch the full discussion:

We wanted to take the time to extend our gratitude to the speakers and their insightful contributions. We will have a live reflecting on the conference and introduce season two of entrepreneurship with purpose.

This season two we will be investigating entrepreneurs operating and trading informally. In season two we will also be bringing a segment to discuss and reflect on some of the continental realities impacting Africans. We want to give Africans a voice to find solutions to African problems.

If you are an entrepreneur or know of an entrepreneur trading informally, please contact us?

Again, if you are an African or in the diaspora open to having discussions about addressing African solutions to African challenges, please contact us ASAP?

Please help us spread the word?

You don’t want to miss this!

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