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March 22, 2022
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April 6, 2022

I have spent the past couple of days recovering from covid 19. A very dauting encounter, I must say. This time around, I wasn’t so fearful about losing my life. Let me say, contracting covid for the second time was a reminder that any day can be your last day on earth. In the process of recovering, I was reflecting about life and the importance of making everyday count. Yes, every day must count because your “grave” is still empty.

Life is worth being lived. The notion of waiting for special occasions to wear your favourite dress or doing something special needs to be expelled. We cannot be accustomed to deferring enjoyment because we are waiting for special occasions. What if that special occasion never takes place? What will happen to the beautiful dress you have been saving? Somewhere gathering dust, I guess.

What if we lived our lives to the fullest every day? What if we decided to be courageous and shot our shots? What if we looked at our lives presently as being a special occasion? I think maybe we will show more gratitude for our little humble beginnings.

Your life is a special occasion! Yes, I said it. Your life is a special occasion.

It is a special occasion because you are graced with an opportunity to refine some of your mistakes. You are awarded an opportunity to try again. The ability to appreciate. The encounter of restoration. Yes, it’s not easy to embrace the journey however, the beauty of everything unfolding is beautiful.

Yes, you may not be where you want to be however, destiny is awaiting you. Maybe, if we changed how we perceived our lives we would experience more peace. Maybe, if we looked at our lives as a purpose unfolding everyday, we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.

It is the second quarter of 2022, an opportunity to try again. Maybe, this time around try with a more positive attitude. A go getter kind of attitude.

It will happen, just believe in yourself.

Entrepreneurship will purpose conference closure will take place next week. We are also introducing entrepreneurship with purpose season two. Please be on the lookout?

You don’t want to miss this!

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