Women let’s redefine our perception of having money!

Amanda Obidike from Nigeria the Founder of STEMi Makers Africa
March 14, 2022
What a time to be alive!
April 4, 2022

The upsurge of the coronavirus outlined the vulnerabilities that women encounter daily. Perhaps the most inhibiting factor is that women continue to fight for their place in society.

One very fundamental lesson that covid-19 revealed to me was that money is important. Having your own money as a woman is a necessity. Money is a gateway to a stress-free life. Having money as a woman gives you the courage to walk away from abusive relationships.

Having your own money empowers you to make decisions about your life that make you happy. Having money empowers you not to settle in a society that perceives you as a second-class citizen.

We were raised in homes that contributed to our perception of  having too much money as “sinful”. I think what our elders were trying to cultivate in us was that we ought to not idolise money. However, their message translated more from a sinful viewpoint. The thought is a very noble principle, however, allow me to disrupt the thinking just a little bit.

The idolisation of money is unhealthy. The idolisation of attaching your identity to money is toxic. Attaching your identity to money, makes you lose your authenticity. Money is not the “problem” it is how we view money that is an issue.

If we can start viewing money for what it can do and not attach any unhealthy trait, I believe we can be at peace. The perception of money being viewed as what it can do will teach us its value and place in society.

Yes, don’t idolise or define your identity with money.

However, don’t let anybody convince you that you don’t need it to better your life. I plead with women to continue to negotiate for their salaries.

Let’s make money this 2022.

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