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Happy International Women’s Day
March 8, 2022
Amanda Obidike from Nigeria the Founder of STEMi Makers Africa
March 14, 2022

In 2016, I attended a women’s conference that changed how I perceived life. I remember the host saying, “you know as a woman that you have hit rock bottom, when you struggle to even buy yourself toiletries”. I reached for my handbag to pull out a tissue to wipe the tears flowing down my face.

Breaking the bias is an essential part of who I am and where I come from. As a woman, I cannot begin to emphasise how important it is to support one another. We need each other now like never before.

We need each because we share the same struggles. We know how it feels like to walk inside the room and doubt your power. We know how it feels to be overlooked because of gender. We understand the impact of being overlooked and having to constantly conquer self-inflicted inadequacy.

We understand what rejection feels like. The kind of rejection that we were born into and continuously must break the cycle. The rejection that makes us doubt and question our abilities. This rejection is attributed to us embracing second class citizenship in a world comprised of human beings. The rejection that made us forget that before we are women, we are human.

It has become a matter of urgency to break the bias because patriarchy cannot turn us against each other. We need to reject any alliance taught by patriarchy that promotes division. We need to adopt a kindred spirit of “I am my sister’s keepers” because her existence represents me.

I am my sister’s keeper because when lifted, she will multiply. Breaking the bias begins with us knowing and understanding the impact of our struggles. Breaking the bias starts with us recommending each other and mentioning deserving candidates in a room full of opportunities. Breaking the bias means being a helping hand.

Breaking the bias means amplifying the voices of those who feel oppressed. Breaking the bias means telling stories of hope and possibilities.

Let us continue to break the bias together!

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