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January 31, 2022
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Story Time

Welcome to the second month of the year 2022.

I think we can all agree that January took forever to come to an end. Whilst January took forever in ending, it also started off very rocking. Some were battling to find their feet. Others were very anxious for the year 2022.

Let the rocky start not startle you, rather let that encourage you to move closer to your purpose. It is never easy entering any year. The beginning of the year always comes with so much anxiety and unsettlement. The “what-ifs” and “when is it going to happen” for me? It’s a universal thought and that should not concern you.

The one aspect of the beginning of every month that you should worry about is reinventing and elevating yourself. For every month that we welcome, it requires a stronger, prepared and established you. Yes, you may feel like you let January just slip away. Let February be a different month.

Set your realistic goals and plans. Write down everything that you need and execute.

Taking small steps is far better than not moving. Check that list daily and breathe.

Just don’t be caught giving up or complaining about any situation that you cannot change. You can do this. You are more than capable.

Now rise and shine, its February get started Now!

Happy New Month Botlhale Hub Afrika Community.

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