International Day of Education: strengthen the teacher and parent relationship!

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“The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development”.

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.

This year’s International Day of Education is under the theme “Changing Course, Transforming Education”.

In support of UNESCO, one of the ways in which parents can contribute to “Changing Course, Transformation Education” is through strengthening the support of teachers. It is very vital that parents or guardians support teachers.

The upsurge of the COVID-19 pandemic echoed the importance of the relationships between parents and teachers. Teachers cannot work with children alone. Parents or guardians need to  actively participate, whether through checking school activities or helping children .

For the development of children, it is instrumental that parents and teachers strengthen their relationship

On this International Day of Education and as it is the beginning of the year. We hope to urge  parents and teachers to find ways to create relationships that speak to the development of their children. The teachers have roles to play, as well as the parents.

Transforming the future requires an urgent rebalancing of our relationships with each other. Transforming the future is also realising that we cannot work in isolation. Transforming the future requires us to redefine inclusion and participation.

Let us use education to drive development and equity. The hope that we have is our children and they need us.

Image source: Facebook Earth Science, January 24

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