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Meet Edna Frimpong from Ghana:

Who is Edna and where are you from?

Edna is a Social Entrepreneur and trailblazer who hails from West Africa , from a beautiful country named Ghana. She refers to herself as a “Proud shoemaker”. She is the founder and brains behind the start-up Fash_Slippers.

Edna is currently a student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism where she is studying a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations. In the same institution she obtained a Diploma in Communication studies.

With the uncertainty and upsurge of the coronavirus Fash_Slippers was born in 2020. A handmade leather brand in Ghana that focuses on crafting quality, comfortable and durable footwears for all clients. Comfort is a priority for Fash_Slippers.

Edna alongside with her team aspires to build a sustainable business that aims to create jobs in the local Ghanaian economy. Fash_Slippers desire is to contribute immensely to the growth of the African continent while producing comfortable footwear.

Please share with us the inspiration behind Fash_Slippers ?

Edna’s inspiration behind Fash_Slippers is her father who is a professional shoemaker. A family business formed by her father inspired her to acquire the skill of making shoes. Edna also mentioned that in a world where evolution is taking place, one cannot only rely on education. It is very vital that skills are acquired to penetrate labour markets. Although educated she believes in equipping yourself with skills.  

Edna’s intention is to now elevate her family business to greater heights.

How has the journey been like establishing Fash_Slippers (highs and lows)?

The sales fluctuate. On some occasions Fash_Slippers doesn’t meet the clients’ expectations of delivery. However, Fash_Slippers strives harder and constantly remains very optimistic.

Please share with us that one turning point in your business, career or personal life?

In terms of business Fash_Slippers is still yet to reach a turning point. Fash_Slippers has barely been in the industry for 3 years however, it will happen.

A turning point that she made mention of was celebrating the milestone of taking herself to school. This is because she wants  to help her establish her business. Henceforth, her expertise ranges from digital marketing, communications, optimisation skills etc.

Edna also wants leverage through social media to penetrate the market by equipping herself digitally to reposition her brand.

Lack of self-confidence and confidence in business is a reality? How did you manage to overcome the lack of confidence in business?

Edna made an emphasis that she does not lack confidence because she is poised for the job. The confidence booster that she requires is in terms of not making sales or meeting targets. With that said, she is a proud shoemaker that’s her mark and she owns it.

Have you ever encountered any gender bias in business? If so, how did you deal with it?

No, in fact in this business the male counterparts seem to be more embracing of her business. Edna’s confidence has inspired many and many draw inspiration from her. The undeniable love that she receives on her social media platform is overwhelming.

According to BusinessToday (2019) “80% of women who own small/micro scale business ventures have a hard time getting credit”.

Please speak to the above in relation to Fash_Slippers?

Yes, it’s very difficult in Ghana to  get access to credit. Edna also highlights that it is more difficult when you are not affiliated to any government or institution. Which is why she started offering her services of assisting students with assignments to keep her business afloat.

Why is it important for young female entrepreneurs to be empowered?

Edna mentioned a very important African proverb Sep. 1999: “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family (nation).” – Fanti (Ghana) Proverb .She said women are powerful forces .When you empower women you are giving so many opportunities because of the nature of a woman influences growth and sustainability.  

Family, friends, work and health.  How do you meet a balance and still remain sane?

Education and business are at the heart of everything Edna does. She is currently building her business; everything else is still yet to come!

Words of wisdom to young female entrepreneurs in Africa considering entrepreneurship full time.

“I dare you to come out of your shell and make something for yourself. There are so many things out there . We can do so many things for ourselves. You can make it. The world is for all of us. It is not for a few people.  Therefore, all you need is to push before somebody pushes you. You need to learn how to push yourself. You do this by learning how to set achievable targets . Surround yourself with people who can push you. Select your friends and associations carefully. Get a new circle of friends who will push you , empower you,  you can’t do it alone you need people to help . You need a push girl. Go out there and win. There is no price for second place”.

If you would like to contribute to Edna’s vision, please do reach out to her on the provided social media handles. Please also support fash_slippers by purchasing yourself a pair of comfortable and affordable slippers.

We will be having Edna Frimpong on our LinkedIn Live very soon. Please be on the lookout for our conversations with creatives and entrepreneurs.

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