Happy New Year, A prosperous 2022 to everyone!

Happy Holidays!
December 27, 2021
IMPACT, GRACE AND BRAZEN. What are your three power words for 2022?
January 10, 2022

Greetings Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

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Story Time

We just wanted to take this time to wish you a very prosperous 2022. To unlocking beautiful beginnings and writing new chapters. To exploring all the exciting opportunities and networking with amazing souls.

To taking more courageous decisions concerning your personal and professional life. To prioritising your mental health.

To shooting your shot.

To embracing new challenges with an unbreakable spirit.

To knowing when to let go and let God.

To breathing and resting.

To being very comfortable in your skin.

To taking long walks and meditating.

To reading insightful books and sharing them.

To shining your light.

To more gratitude, laughter and joy.

To being yourself, only the best way you know how to.

To learning more, teaching and sharing.

To being gentler to yourself and others.

To being committed to achieving your set goals.

To being more fearless.

To living life and loving more.

To leaving your comfort zone.

To exploring the world.

Let 2022 be the hope that you need. Let 2022 be the faith that you need. I hope this year is beautiful! Be prosperous, joyful and generous. Let humour heal you.

Happy New Year Botlhale Hub Community Readers.

Stay tuned in and thank you for always reading.

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