Creative industry: Galleries and Institutions to know about in Ghana

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November 29, 2021
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November 30, 2021

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Ghana is a home to many artists. Ghanaian artists showcase beautiful artwork that captures the heart and culture of Ghana. The artwork is significant to Ghana’s history and future. Therefore, it is crucial we support and cultivate the growing art market in Ghana. Ghanaian artists showcase a range of artwork and capabilities that need to be exposed worldwide.

If you ever decide to travel to Ghana, here are a couple of amazing places that you should explore.

Galleries and institutions to know about in Ghana

Gallery 1957 is founded by engineer turned collector turned dealer Marwan Zakhem.

ANO Ghana was established by Ghanaian art historian Nana Oforiatta Ayim.

Nubuke Foundation is the artists’ favourite spot in Accra for admirers of authentic Ghanaian art.

Artists Alliance Gallery three-story space on Labadi Beach.

The Loom is one of oldest galleries in Accra, established in 1969, and is perfect for contemporary art lovers.

Tiga African Art Consultancy is owned by Lily Sefa-Boakye, and she manages the gallery alongside her partner.

Art Without Borders Gallery is enabling an art piece display space for artifacts from various parts of West Africa.

The Ark Gallery is located at Shiyie Town on Dodowa Road, close to Adenta.

Kuenyehia space, you can see paintings, sculptures and illustrations made by young Ghanaian artists between the ages of 25 and 40.

Nanoff Gallery is intriguing sculptures made from old, discarded automobile parts, bicycle wheels or even kitchen ware after they’ve had their shelf lives.

The Creative Reach sources of creative philosophies using everyday materials selected to convey complex narratives in innovative forms.

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Cultural appropriation is a two-way thing’: Yinka Shonibare on Picasso, masks and the fashion for black artists | Yinka

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