Creative industry: Purchase young contemporary African Artists work

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November 26, 2021
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African history comprises of slavery, inequalities and segregation. The substantial change and upheaval in African history contributes to the work of African contemporary artists .The widening issues include national identity, economic disparity and gender inequalities.

The African talent on the African continent varies. The talent is raw and rich. In addition, the art market is found to be growing as more artists are showcasing their artwork. Although, the art production is taking place there seems to be a lack of support from the public.

The market structure is continuously supporting arts, however the public needs to play their role in purchasing artwork. When artwork is not produced, it has an impact on the career of the artist. Therefore, it is very crucial that we contribute by purchasing unique artistic production. Artistic production enables artists to rewrite their history using art.

A call to support local artists by purchasing their artistic productions.

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