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The history of segregation in South Africa has contributed to a severely neglected nation.  Apartheid in South Africa has made it very challenging for economic development because the economic structure does not foster an enabling atmosphere for Africans. The introduction of the Group Areas Act in 1950 amplifies the inequalities and division.

The origins of the Group Areas Act,a piece of legislation that used to control the lives of Indians, Coloureds and Africans contributed to the many displaced South Africans. The imposed Groups Areas Act fostered the breaking up of families, friends and communities. The restrictions that were imposed instilled fear in the lives of many Africans.

To date, we are healing the wounds birthed by injustice.  

Healing and reclaiming our dignity are at the cornerstone of our hearts.

The journey to changing the narratives

Emile Jansen is healing Africa and the world. In 1998, Emile Jansen of “Black Noise” one of South Africa’s pioneering Rap Groups established the Heal the Hood Project.

Heal the Hood Project

“The focus of the organisation came about by the realization of the importance of interaction between various communities and PUTTING BACK INTO OUR COMMUNITIES. Emile decided to include all the community outreach projects he was initiating in Black Noise as part of Heal the Hood Project and thus expanding the concept of putting back.

To create a sustainable network of youth artists nationally and internationally through which jobs and new skills are created, arts products and arts related information can be distributed. To provide holistic youth activities, information that addresses community issues and creates a sense of self-worth to help them become active participants in a democratic society”.

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