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NB: Every Wednesday and Friday please be on the lookout for female Entrepreneurs!

The coming months, content that will be explored are stories of female entrepreneurs in Africa. 100 Female entrepreneur’s stories will be published from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana,  Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Angola.

Meet Prudence Ramotso from South Africa.

Who is Prudence Ramotso and where are you from?

An entrepreneur at heart ,lover of fashion, born and raised in the Vaal Sebokeng.

 Please share with us the inspiration behind Prudent fashion group?

Prudent fashion group was inspired by the love of fashion that Africans have. Prudence saw that Africans love our African fashion and also want quality. When she created PFG, she had a vision of a company that cares about customers and offering quality products. All our PFG shoe designs are named after African names. This is stablished to give our shoes character ,as we know African names have meanings so the shoe will resemble the name.

How has the journey been like establishing the Prudent fashion group(highs and lows)?

It has been hectic; I had an issue with shoe sizes because when I started in 2019,  I didn’t have stock readily available. I would order as the customers bought and when the shoe would get to the customer it would be too small. I did not have money to buy other sizes. I had to first sell the ones that I had, then order a different size and that transaction would take over two months. This resulted in my customers being very unhappy with my service delivery.

The highs would be when I managed to solve the issue of sizes and being efficient. I have the stock readily available; we have an online store and now customers get their shoes in 2-3 working days. We don’t encounter issues with sizes. I have very happy customers .

Please share with us that one turning point in your business, career or personal life?

The big turning point is when I changed my business model from selling on WhatsApp to having an online store.

Lack of self-confidence and confidence in business is a reality? How did you manage to overcome the lack of confidence in business?

By believing in my Brand more than anything . I read about other businesses and their success stories.

Have you ever encountered any gender bias in business?

Yes, I have

Why is it important for young female entrepreneurs to be empowered?

It is important to be empowered because things like gender bias can break us and make us believe that entrepreneurship is for male only. Therefore, when you stay empowered you know your worth and your abilities. In that way we remain unshakable in all situations.

Family, friends, work and health how do you meet a balance and still remain sane?

It’s not easy because I do business everywhere I am day and night. I attend to orders and enquiries. I live ,eat and breathe my brand. Family and friends know that, and they support me .

Words of wisdom to young female entrepreneurs in Africa considering entrepreneurship fulltime.

Believe in yourself and your business. Associate with like-minded people , stand firmly in what you believe in and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! Invest time in your business and never stop learning.

How can we connect with you? (Social media handles and website)

Instagram & TikTok : prudent_shoes

Facebook & LinkedIn: Prudent shoes

Website : www.prudentshoes.co.za

Connect with us on:

•             YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvVCl-sSwr4gEpZqbiBcoRQ                                 

•             Website: https://botlhaleafrika.co.za/                               

•             Instagram: @botlhaleafrika

•             LinkedIn: Botlhale Hub Afrika

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