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October 24, 2021
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November 8, 2021

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Story Time

November is finally here. We are one month away before the year ends. Let’s take a moment and reflect on 2021. 2021 was all about recovery. Recovering from the outrageous impact of the global pandemic. Many this year had to come to terms with the changes that took place. Changes varied from retrenchment, unemployment and  financial constraints. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to study their businesses and predict solutions in an uncertain world.

Creatives had to learn about virtual concerts, community and belonging in COVID times. Students had to master virtual learning in the comfort of their homes. Parents had to be teachers and children had to adjust to having their parents’ home 24/7.

New skills were acquired, career changes were considered, and life has never been the same. We constantly ask ourselves whether the pandemic was a time to self-introspect or change the course of our destinies.

This year has been out of the ordinary. There are days I ponder, just maybe if COVID was the change I needed for my life?

With every challenge, there were memorable victories.

2021 taught us how redefine resilience!


Resilience for me in 2021 rebirthed many definitions. Resilience reignited a courageous fire that opened my eyes and shifted my perspective about myself. Resilience awakened a brazen spirit. Resilience reminded me that rest also forms part of being a resilient individual. Resilience redirected me into possibilities. Being resilient is what is keeping me alive.

We want to hear from you

Share with us what does resilience mean to you in 2021?

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