#29untoldstoriesin29days #100conversations An artist from Nairobi Kenya, get to know her!

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October 11, 2021
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Your voice matters. Your words matter. Let your work liberate others. Meet Muthoni ni Mimi a soulful artist from Kenya. She liberates through her words. Read and follow her journey. Mimi reminds us that creativity is a lifestyle. We create because it is in us to create.

Muthoni ni mimi is an artist from Nairobi, Kenya currently residing in Kasarani. Her soft voice and free form writing gives her poetry, and music a soulful vibe and translating to a conscious feel across her artwork.
From a tender age, Muthoni was exposed to various forms of art, including but not limited to RnB music, soul, good literature that went on to influence the artist she became, actively working as an actor, poet, and singer-songwriter, digital artist and crafts woman.
She  started writing poetry in early 2018 and performing live from June 2021 and has been working at her artistry ever since . She hopes her artwork helps people find their voice, and have the courage to use it starting with herself. She also has a podcast in the works, The queer Girl Diaries in which she highlights the queer experience in Kenya, and the Sikimyii magazine the first magazine solely dedicated to addressing sexual violence.
 Her voice and opinion has been sought after both locally and regionally being featured on PRIDE SRHR a project on sexual reproductive health rights of queer folk in Kenya,  and voicing for BBC Africa.

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