#29untoldstoriesin29days #100Conversations A creative from Uganda blesses us with her poetry

#29untoldstoriesin29days #100Conversations A view from a creative on the continent
September 15, 2021
#29untoldstoriesin29days #100Conversations A creative from Kenya tells all
September 22, 2021

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Story Time

A world with no words or imagination will have no laughter. We need words, songs, culture and arts to keep us alive. This is Beverley from Uganda. A published author and poet.


I miss the days

when friendship was

an invitation to laugh

at everything

and nothing

At shadows that danced like brooms

At spinach that got stuck between the teeth.

I miss the days when friendship

was a time to fly kites

in between bites

of hotdogs, maize,and simsim balls

A time to ride bicycles

And count the passing clouds

Creating our own musicals

On a stage made of grass.

I miss the days when friendship was

walking to church in long white socks

Whistling at flowers,throwing rocks.

Now, conversations are a patronizing

Drumming to the ears

Dreams have turned into sermons

Invitations have turned into a trick

To join a mastermind class.

“If you don’t buy my book, you don’t love me!” They scream.

Even if the book doesn’t speak to you.

Keep your honesty aside

And enjoy the ride

Of self-help

Business for breakfast

Lectures for lunch

Tidbits of tips for the

And all of this, they say, is to make you grow.

And yet each time they call, you shrink.

It’s another condescending call

About your commitment, or lack of it

So many people are committed these days.

Are we all lunatics?

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Three steps to becoming great again!

And yet all I want

Are the three steps to

My friend’s heart again.

It’s not the years that have changed us.

It’s lazy to blame it on our age

It’s preposterous to claim that life happened.

Our friendship wasn’t a thing that just happened.

It was who we were.


By Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, April 2021

Kampala, Uganda.

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