#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : Rich history, rich stories and beautiful productions could lead to decent jobs!

#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : The film industry in Africa, exploring Nigeria and South Africa!
August 16, 2021
Women’s Month: Celebrating Impactful Women Within a Global Content (Invitation)
August 29, 2021

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29 Untold stories in 29 Days Campaign (active)

Story Time

South Africa’s history of oppression is a gateway for beautiful productions. From a legacy of Apartheid to social and economic inequalities we have so much to offer the world. We have an opportunity to reimagine our future as the nation through beautiful stories. With a young population and a very diverse nation beautiful stories await us.

The world is waiting to hear from us.

The Youth needs to be rescued

According to Statistics South Africa 2019 “almost a third of the population (17,84 million) in South Africa constitutes of the youth”. The youth constitute of  (aged 18–34) in South Africa. The official unemployment rate is at a record of 34.4%. Unemployment is concentrated among the youth and the labour market is also more favourable to men than women.

Unemployment has become a global crisis and burdens the youth. With a crisis at hand how do we attempt to find solutions to this challenge?

Covid-19 is a tragedy

The outbreak of the pandemic does not substantiate a better future for our young people. The pandemic is rather conditioning South Africa to take a chance on young people because uncertainty is a “reality”. We as a nation need to build resilience in uncertain times and be hopeful that young people will benefit.

Open the creative industry to create decent jobs for the youth

It is vital that we utilise this uncertainty to create decent jobs for young people in the creative industry. The creative economy is the best platform that could possibly free young people.

YouTube Channel conversations

Please connect with us on YouTube and be on the lookout for our 100 conversations to create 1 million jobs for the youth in the next 3 years (our goal).

Image source: SowetanLIVE

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