#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : Storytelling transforms the narrative of Africa

#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : About the Founder
July 5, 2021
#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : A third chance at life, COVID-19 survivor tells all!
July 15, 2021

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29 Untold stories in 29 Days Campaign (active)

JULY THEME: Get to know about the founder and  29 stories


Storytelling is an aspect that forms part of our lives. We tell stories every single day of our lives. We engage with storytellers and read stories every day. Storytelling is art. It is a beautiful form of art that we use to express our deepest desires, passion and life. Storytelling is a dimension of conservations that liberates the soul.

There is something magical that happens when we share our stories. We enter a space that allows us to connect with ourselves and release a part of ourselves to save a soul. We connect with our souls and attempt to find meanings to the broken parts of ourselves.

Storytelling is the release of experiences that help us discover the authentic facets of ourselves. Storytelling is the inner voice that we need to transform and redefine our Africa. It is a tool that we use to unlearn and shape our identity.

We need to use storytelling to define, transform and create meaning. We tell stories to change misconceptions and eradicate biases. We use storytelling to share journeys and leave legacies.

We share stories to commemorate heroines who have made it against all odds and show us that its possible. Storytelling stimulates our minds.

I love telling stories because stories set my soul on fire. I love telling stories that support women leadership and female entrepreneurship because of their experiences. I started the #29untoldstoriesin29days to showcase how Ghanaian women who have capitalized opportunities under very difficult conditions in their entrepreneurial journey. These conditions include gender disparities, social barriers and culture.   

That is my reason for starting this very important initiative.

Please be on the lookout for more about the founder story and #29untoldstoriesin29days story. Please contribute on our PayPal link to keep the vision alive.

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