#29untoldstoriesin29days July GET to KNOW ME and the journey of the 29 stories

#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : Gender equality Matters!
June 30, 2021
#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : About the Founder
July 5, 2021

Greetings Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

Trusting that every reader and follower is safe.

29 Untold stories in 29 Days Campaign (active)

July is a very special month. Firstly, it is the seven month of the year. It is also the month where we either reflect on our progress or redirect it. July is also the birthday month of the founder of Botlhale Hub. Therefore, we decided to make this month a very unique one, by sharing our journey with you. We will be getting more into detail about our campaign and having conversations with the founder.

If you have any burning questions whether about our campaign or founder please don’t hesitate to ask?

May this month answer all your prayers.

We pray that July is kind and fruitful!


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