#29Untoldstoriesin29Days : Young people need to emerge as innovators or entrepreneurs!

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May 11, 2021
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COVID-19 has accelerated the fourth industrial revolution conversation. This has shown us that in as much as the older population are most vulnerable. The youth are faced with new barriers and uncertainty in economic prospects. The infections are rising daily and forcing the world to accelerate into online operations.

This may herald the beginning of widening digital divides and youth displacement. The question is what will happen to young people post pandemic? Will young people have a place in the labour market or has the pandemic forced young people to take risks on entrepreneurship?

COVID-19 is preparing young people for a severely changed labour market. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report estimated “that by 2025,97 million new jobs may emerge from the division of labour between humans and machines”.

Where does this leave young people from marginalised societies? Could the prevalence of the pandemic realign the career goals of young people? Or could the pandemics persistence disadvantage the generation of young people and damage their livelihoods?

How does the global society assist in building resilience for a generation with a widening digital divide? The global pandemic has shown to spark opportunities however, the question we need to answer who are these opportunities made available to?

A call to have a conversation of how young people can leverage from the pandemic. The global community needs to create more dialogues of awareness for youth post pandemic opportunities. This will enable young people to share their fears about the labour market and how they can reposition their careers. Conversations around entrepreneurship and innovations for young people post pandemic should be prioritized.

We need to discuss the widening digital divide in our communities and redress inequalities.

COVID-19 should not deepen inequalities and then disrupt the creative young minds!

Source for image: Loreal Paris BMG

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