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March 16, 2021
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March 18, 2021

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Let’s talk: Opportunity Driven Entrepreneurship

We asked you, what drove you to begin your entrepreneurial journey ?

Vesper Nkoane’s Entrepreneurial journey story:

“Good day,

I am responding to today’s (16 March 2021) post on Instagram about .

My name is Vesper Nkoane and a mother of two boys, 19 and 13. In 2015 my husband and I came to an agreement for me to be a full time mom, due to unforeseen circumstances in our careers. I was studying psychology part time at the time. Being home opened up a new world in my life. I faced seeing my children’s struggles, challenges and triumphs; not only with regards to school work only, but life in general. Because I was in their world more than ever, I also got a chance to see their school mate’s ways of living as well and the challenges teachers face on a daily basis at school. 

Based on what I was learning and my day to day interaction with children and school, I got more and more interested in coaching, because the problems kids had in class had more to do with the beliefs they held more than any intellectual reason. I started researching about life coaching for kids and saw that there was actually a need for that kind of service. That is what led me to start VeeInspired Life coaching, specialising in kids coaching. I no longer was helping my children, but loads of children who needed the help, because not all parents can be there all the time for their kids and teachers need a break too.

Six years down the line, I don’t regret leaving my job and my older son is now in University and I’m glad I ventured into coaching as I managed to help him look within for answers instead of doubting. The work I did, paid off.”😊

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